Iluma Alliance is the union of more than 800 people who have decided to invest their time, intellect, capabilities, energy and existence for one purpose: nurturing well-being to enhance life.

Our dream is to impact people’s lives and bring nutrition and wellness to the world. We do this motivated by our endless curiosity and through the use of knowledge, technology, and innovation. Iluma Aliance, a place where light nurtures life.

Who is Part of this Initiative?

Animal nutrition

More Protein, of a Better Quality, at a Lower Cost

We develop high-end, customized solutions that optimize the production of animal protein. Through our global network of research and data, we strive to innovate and make more efficient the processes that grow our industry. Above all, we want to build more prosperous and environmentally sustainable societies.

Animal health

Creating Possibilities
for Life

We provide protein producers a portfolio of animal health and additives for animal nutrition.

Through innovative technologies, we find solutions that allow us to nurture a safer and healthier world.

Human nutrition


We take care of our allied brands with innovation and passion to achieve functional indulgence; a perfect balance between sensitive experience and nutrition for life.

We take the finest of each food to turn it into something tasty that brings wellness.


Making Inefficiencies Optional

We create the necessary tools and knowledge to help you take conscious decisions. Chance will cease to be a protagonist.

Through functional equipment we transform the data we process into analytic capacity, agency, and actionable Insights.

A platform that creates value for the food Industry

Iluma innovation labs is where new methodologies and technologies for the future are born.

We are building a global network of scientists, nutritionists, international experts, analysts, data scientists and joining them with the expertise of our allies, clients, distributors, suppliers and universities, in order to accelerate the process of nurturing wellness.