Taking our experience in animal nutrition to human nutrition by offering functional and indulgent solutions through technology, knowledge, and innovation to deliver ingredients or finished products. 

We build alliances with brands based on an ecosystem of service that impacts every opportunity for nutrition throughout the day.

We offer our partners a complete portfolio of products for animal health and services that aim to animal well-being and contribute to safe and efficient production. We transform data into knowledge and knowledge into solutions for health through antibiotics and specialized products. 

Through digital technology, big data, and analytics, we transform data into real-time knowledge to improve the performance and efficiency of animal protein producers. 

We work hand in hand with animal protein producers in the development of solutions for superior nutrition that focus on optimizing production. We integrate our knowledge in nutrition, biosecurity, species management, and data science to produce protein in greater quantity, more affordable, and better quality.   

We are a business model designed to serve one animal protein producer per territory and create long-term strategic partnerships and win-win journeys. 

Your back office is our core business. 
We recognize and prioritize the provisioning of essential conditions to ensure stable business operations. We commit to implementing efficient systems to maintain accurate  records of all business transactions. We strive to maintain reliable systems for managing contractual relationships and employee compensation. We provide the required technological systems and platforms to execute front-end, middle-end, and back-end processes.

Safety experts create essential and personalized solutions to control and prevent microorganisms from entering the food chain, from the manufacturing to the delivery of the final food product (poultry, eggs, meat).