Our Mindset




that shape our actions and decisions daily, inspiring us to actively listen, think and do.

Constantly evolving and open to change, it drives our purpose and helps us create value.



Our manifest

Guided by our purpose of nurturing well-being to enhance life, motivated by our endless curiosity, and knowing we live in a world full of opportunities, we are here to make a difference.

Because we believe in ideas inspired by our purpose, we believe in knowledge, technology and innovation, we believe in making meaningful connections, we believe in taking wise risks and discovering new and better ways to make things happen.

We believe in the transformative power of teamwork. Because we are listeners, thinkers, and doers, we are infinitely curious, explorers and innovators, we value knowledge and are open to wonder.

Our dream is to impact people’s lives and bring nutrition and wellness to the world. We work day by day to make it happen.

We have open minds and see the world through the lenses of possibility.

So let’s think, re-think, let’s do, and finally,

let’s keep our inspiration going, our dreams growing and our intentions real.

Let’s make our purpose a reality.

Let’s make this world a better-nourished one.


Iluma, a place where light nurtures life.

Our principles


  • We embrace and celebrate the beauty of life while being driven by our purpose.
  • We strive for meaning and significance in our lives.
  • We work for a purpose, always having our goals in mind.
  • We honor our work and that of others.


  • We are infinitely curious, explorers and innovators.
  • We value knowledge and are open to wonder.
  • We are part of the solution, contributing from a positive and creative vision.
  • We take wise risks.
  • We have open minds and see the world through the lenses of possibility.


  • We believe in autonomy with Interdependence.
  • We are aware of our actions and their consequences.
  • We make decisions, considering what is better for us, the company, and our environment.
  • We contribute by sharing our unique abilities.
  • We are responsible for our reality and our evolution.


  • We are team players and believe in our transformative power.
  • We listen with the intent to understand, propose and contribute.
  • We find value and opportunity in difference and diversity.
  • We create meaningful relationships through trust.


  • We think of our clients first and play an infinite game.
  • We prioritize customer needs and build long-term relationships.
  • We engage with all stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, and society.
  • We add value through practical solutions and concrete actions (we are thinkers and doers)