Research and Development




An ecosystem for innovation where new technologies grow

to contribute to a better-nourished world with evidence-based solutions.

To achieve our purpose, we are constantly building a network of people and partners who want to contribute with their expertise, experience, and capabilities to speed up our processes and design solutions for a more significant impact.


Iluma's presence in the Research Triangle Region

More than just a location, it's an engine for growth.



We are strategically located in North Carolina's Research Triangle Region, benefiting from the area's unique advantages and top-tier universities like Duke, NC State, and UNC at Chapel Hill.


This dynamic environment supports innovation and development, with over 7,000 companies in life sciences industries such as Agtech, Advanced Manufacturing, and Technology.


The Region offers a diverse collaborative business ecosystem that empowers us to drive growth and innovation, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

Biomolecular Lab

Our Biomolecular Laboratory specializes in advanced gut health analysis in Durham, North Carolina. We use DNA and RNA sequencing to identify and quantify microorganisms, conduct metagenomics, and perform gene and protein quantification.


With Siwa, our lead project, we revolutionize animal health using data-driven analytics and molecular biology to understand and improve gut health. Traditionally reliant on inadequate tools, we now transform decision-making with precise measurements of gut health impacts, partnering with clients to enhance farm productivity and pet well-being, offering multi-modal health metrics and innovative solutions.

Chemical Laboratory

We offer comprehensive and precise analysis with advanced technologies. We use liquid chromatography for premixes, raw materials, and finished products, NIR spectroscopy for raw material calibration, atomic absorption for mineral analysis, and other gravimetric, volumetric, and spectrophotometric analyses.

R+D+I Laboratory

We are at the forefront of scientific exploration and technological advancement. We use liquid chromatography to analyze additives, vitamins, pigments, antibiotics and gas chromatography to profile lipids, organic acids, antioxidants, and other additives. Our analytical capabilities are further expanded with techniques such as probiotic characterization, in vitro digestibility tests, and enzymatic activity determination.

Laboratory Network

With cutting-edge technologies, constant updates, improved procedures, and highly trained professionals, we can offer a reliable laboratory service for analyzing raw materials and finished products to support quality control processes effectively.

Pilot Plant

We accelerate our developments by having all industrial capabilities at a small scale in our pilot plant for developing prototypes and small-scale test versions. This helps us determine whether a new idea meets our partners' and customers' needs, requirements, and demands.

Research Farms

Poultry Research Farm

Improves broiler chicken production through testing and innovation.

We house up to 4,000 chickens in state-of-the-art facilities focusing on nutritional concepts, additives, and nutrient digestibility, ensuring accurate and effective results.

Since 2009, we've conducted over 100 experiments on nutrition and additives.

Swine Research Farm

Enhances pig farming efficiency and productivity.

Operating in a commercial environment, it houses 1,300 pigs in conditions that simulate typical farming. We collaborate with K-State University to conduct feed, water, and management practices experiments.

Since 2015, we have conducted 81 trials.

Laying Hens Research Farm

Improves egg production and quality through testing nutrient profiles, additives, and feeding strategies.

We house 4,000 laying hens, ensuring optimal performance, egg quality, and hen health.

Since late 2023, we've conducted three trials to enhance egg production.

We use Asimetrix’s Internet of Animals technology for real-time performance monitoring, ensuring high animal research and production standards to provide continuous product evaluation and effective solutions for animal protein producers.